Currituck County Veterans

War of 1812 – compiled by Barbara Snowden

Civil War – Compiled by Barbara Snowden

Submitted Veterans information Рlast updated November 7, 2019.

Abbott, John P.1964NavyApril 1987April 2011XX
Aubee, John P.1950NavyOctober 1968October 1992XXSCPO, USN (RET)
Austin, Donald Spencer1940NavyAugust 3, 1959October 30, 1981XX
Brown, John T. 1968NavySeptember 11, 1987October 1, 2016XXWife's name is Amy M. Brown (1st Grade Teacher at Griggs Elementary School). Both kids, Son and Daughter graduated from Currituck High School and NC State University.

I am 100% permanently disabled by the VA due to explosion.
Burge, Elisha B. 1989ArmyJanuary 2010June 2013XX
Burge, Elisha B. 1989Army ReserveDecember 2017XX
Connors, Patrick L. 1955Marine CorpsJune 1973June 1976X
Davis, Ephraim Garland19182001Navy19351958XXPearl Harbor Survivor
Dempewolf, Rob1965NavySeptember 29, 1983September 30, 2011XX
Ferebee, James H., Sr.1923Merchant Marines19441945XX
Ferebee, John J.1930Navy19521954X
Ferebee, Ronnie Lee1957Air ForceNovember 1978November 1982XX
Ferebee, S. Scott, Jr.1921Army19421946XX
Foreman, James Thomes, Jr.2011NavyXWorld War II
Gallop, Walter L. 1931Air ForceOctober 15, 1960October 30, 1990XXChaplain, USAF. Combat tour: Viet-Nam 1968/1969
Assignments; Seymour-Johnson AFB, Goldsboro; Laon Air Base, France; Richards-Gebaur AFB, Missouri, Binh Thuy Air Base, Viet-Nam; Hanscom AFB, Mass; Gunter Air Base, AL; Langley AFB, VA; Rhine-Main AB, Germany; Ramstein Air Base, Germany
Gerovac, Michael Robert1975NavyMay 1996May 2016X
Gohr, Robert L. 1943NavyNovember 1961January 1991XRetired AWCM
Gordin, Steven I1948NavyMay 1967June 1989XX
Grandy, George Bell, Jr.1987Navy19441946XXX
Grandy, Tommy R.1946Coast GuardOctober 1968October 1972XXX
Gregory, Gene Ansell19401970Marine Corps & Army National Guard19591964XXX
Gregory, William Edward2001Army19711977XXX
Hair, Christopher Shane1979ArmyJuly 1998November 2015XX
Hamilton, Tammy S.1965NavyFebruary 1984February 1995X
Hasselbacher, Delmar1934NavyMarch 25, 1954April 1, 1980XMoved to Currituck in 1981 after retiring from the Navy
Hedrick, Larry1959Navy June 23, 1976July 31, 1995XLived on Knotts Island before joining the service and came back to Currituck after retirement.
Helton, Scott David, Sr.1955Navy August 29, 1975August 31, 1995X
Holmes, Emily J.1978NavySeptember 2001April 2006XOriginally from Johnson Creek, WI. Served in OEF
Holmes, Robert W., Jr.1969NavyFebruary 2002February 2006XOriginally from New Carlisle, OH Served in OIF & OEF
Howe, Ciria1988NavyAugust 26, 2006August 28, 2018XXMy husband Craig Howe and I (whom is active duty in the USN currently) lived in Eagle Creek community from 2012 to 2018. We are currently having a home built in the new Country Side Estates!
Hunziger, Samuel L. 1986Navy August 2005August 2012X
Hudson, Michael1979Army2001XOEF & OIF
Ingold, Nicholas Wayne1988Marine CorpsJuly 2011August 2018XRank: Captain (O-3)
MOS: 1302 - Combat Engineer Officer
Ish, Ed19481970Air Force & Air National GuardApril 1971July 1978X
Isham, Howard W.1958ArmyJune 1979June 1982X
Jewell, Gene1961NavyJanuary 1980January 2000X
Johnson, James "Gerald"1946Marine Corps19651967X
Jordan, Philip D. II1961NavyApril 1980May 2004X
Justiss, Robert G., Jr.1942Navy ReserveNovember 1966November 1969XRetired CDR from USPHS 10/87
Kent, George Oliver, Jr.1942ArmyJanuary 1963December 1965X
Kuhnen, Jennifer1975NavyJanuary 1995January 2015X
Lane, David A.1948ArmyNovember 1968February 1998XCW4 Aviation, US Army (Ret) RVN Service - 1969-1970, D Trp/1st Sqd/4th Cav, 1st Inf D 1970-1971, C Trp/16th Cav, 164th Avn Grp, !st Avn Brigade
Lankford, Jonathan1980NavyJuly 1998Febuary 2012X
Lorentz, Frank W.1927Army19451947X
Lorentz, John W.1961Coast Guard19852010X
Malesky, Joseph Gerald1942NavyOctober 11, 1960October 22, 1963X
Malesky, Joseph Gerald1942Navy ReserveOctober 22, 1963October 10, 1966X
Mandigo III, Robert1981Marine CorpsJuly 1999October 2003X
Martin, Paul R.1945ArmyOctober 11, 1965October 11, 1967XRank: Spec5/E-5
McCranie, Glenn H.1938Army National Guard19551956X
McCranie, Glenn H.1938Navy19561960X
McCranie, Glenn H.1938Navy19741997X
Merritt, Roderick1973ArmyJuly 9, 2004April 27, 2014XRetired Combat Disabled 100%.
Metcalfe, Steven Hugh1960NavyFebruary 1977July 2000XXProud to serve!
Melton, Jeffrey Speight2018NavyAugust 21, 1989August 31, 2009X
Midgett, William S. 1966Coast GuardJuly 1984July 1988XX
Midgett, William S. 1966Coast GuardDecember 1999September 2006XX
Mills, Herman N. 1933NavyOctober 1951October 1983X
Moore, Chester A.1968Marine CorpsJanuary 27, 1987January 26, 1993X
Morgan, Derek Nolan1983Army National GuardJuly 2005XOriginally with 725QM.Renamed in 2006 to the A Co690th out of Elizabeth City,Edenton,Scotland Neck.Deployed w/30HBCT E Co.230th in 2009-10 in Operation Iraqi Freedom.Transferred to HHC 113SB out of Greensboro and deployed in Oct 2011-Oct2012 in support of Operation New Dawn and Enduring Freedom.
Murden, Susan D.1956NavyMarch 1977March 1995XX
Muron, Victor W. 1948NavyFebruary 1965June 1995XVietnam Vet & Desert Storm/Desert Shield Vet
Opperman, Francis1969NavyJune 1999June 2009
Owens, Patricia1961NavyJuly 1981March 1983X
Payette, Philip1971NavyJuly 1989December 1993XRetired with a service connected disability.
Perry, Larry Alden1947Navy & Coast GuardSeptember 27, 1967August 1994X
Poole, Luke1917Army, CSAMay 13, 1861July 28, 1861XXXCorporal, Company E (Currituck Atlantic Rifles) 17th NC Infantry, Stationed at Fort Oregon (Oregon Inlet, NC)
Poole, Walter Carroll "Bim"1968ArmyAugust 16, 1918April 25, 1919XXXPrivate, Co. C, 42nd Division. Sailed home from Europe 4/14/19 on the USS North Carolina. Commanding Officers were Gen. John Pershing and Lt. Douglas MacArthur. Although he was not aware, he was a distant cousin of MacArthur's.
Price, Shelton1963ArmyMay 15, 1984March 21, 1988XI enlisted as a 63B-[bravo] Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic. I served my County in the US Army & was stationed at Ft. Sill in Lawton, Oklahoma from 1984' to 1988' and reserve obligation through 4-22-90'.

I got out of the Army and returned back home to Grandy, N.C.
Pritchard, Joseph M.1921NavyJanuary 24, 1940Janaury 25, 1946XFighting Squadron 42 on Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Yorktown CV-5 at Battle of the Coral Sea 8 May 1942 and Battle of Midway 4 June 1942
Reeves, Mariah1992NavyJune 12, 2011August 28, 2018X
Reutter, Timothy James1976NavyJanuary 1998February 2018X
Roach, Kenneth Armistead, Sr.19252011Army19431945XManila, Staff Sergeant
Roach, Kenneth Armistead, Sr.19252011National Guard19501976XManila, Staff Sergeant
Robinson, Todd1975NavyMarch 6, 1995XX
Rosser, Jennifer1983Air ForceNovember 15, 2005June 23, 2011XX
Rust, Leftridge Garfield1947ArmyOctober 1966October 1969X
Saunders, Steven C.1955Coast GuardJuly 1973July 1977X
Shawgo, Steven1976NavyApril 1997April 2017XX
Shuler, Clifford W.1945Navy19651987X
Thoms, Raymond1930Navy19471967X
Traywick, William T.1938Navy19641990X
Tyler, Dean1953Navy & Marine CorpsAugust 1972May 1997X
Walls, Edward1947NavyJanuary 1966October 1969XVietnam Vet 1967 to 1968
Weinberger, Mark Aaron1946Marine CorpsFebruary 1964October 1990XActive duty in Viet Nam, July 1965-June 1966 with 1st & 3rd Marine Divisions, 7th Marine Regimental Landing Team, 3rd Marine Amphibious Force as Combat Engineer in Qui-Nhon, Chu-Lai and Da-Nang. USMC active duty Camp Lejeune, NC 2nd Marine Division as MP, USMCR with 4th Marine Division.