2019 Candidate List

Candidates List for the  April 30, 2019 Primary Elections. (updated March 8, 2019)

Unaffiliated Voters Options for the 2019 Election Primaries

North Carolina State Board of Elections has announced that unaffiliated voters will have the option of voting for Republican, Democratic or Libertarian candidates, but will not have the option of voting for Constitution Party or Green Party candidates in any primaries in 2019.

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U.S. House of Representative District 03

Phil Law
Michele Nix
Michael Speciale
Greg Murphy
Gary Ceres
Chimer Davis Clark, Jr.
Graham Boyd
Celeste Cairns
Phil Shepard
Paul Beaumont
Jeff Moore
Joan Perry
Kevin Baiko
Francis X. De Luca
Eric Rouse
Don cox
Mike Payment
Ike Johnson
Dana E. Outlaw
Richard Bew
Ernest T. Reeves
Gregory Humphrey
Allen Thomas

Greg Holt
Shannon W. Bray
Tim Harris