Sheriff’s Department Warns Citizens of Social Security Scam

Currituck County Sheriff”s Department wants to make our citizens aware of a scam that was reported to our office on Wednesday, May 1, 2019.

A resident contacted the Sheriff’s Office to advise them that she had received 2 phone calls from 2 different phone numbers alerting her that there is an “overdraft” to her Wachovia bank account from 10 years ago.

The caller stated that they have tried to serve her 5 times in order to collect these funds and that he would like to make arrangements for a representative to come to her home for payment. 

The caller also said that she was in “luck” that “he” was looking into this because she can take the $4,000 in overdraft and reduce it to $1,500 by providing him her credit card information and it would be taken care of.

The resident did “attempt” to make arrangements with this caller by letting him know that she’d be willing to meet at the Sheriff’s office, but it turned out that the caller was not comfortable with that arrangement idea and they disconnected.

The Sheriff’s Office says that this is another new attempt at obtaining money from citizens.

If you receive any calls in reference to monies owed, feel free to contact the Sheriff’s office for further assistance at 252-232-2216.