Dune Vegetation Cost Share Program

Currituck County recognizes the importance of dune vegetation and dune nourishment. Oceanfront property owners are eligible for reimbursement of the cost to:

  • purchase
  • install
  • and fertilize

American Beach Grass plants through participation in the Dune Vegetation Cost Share Program.

Grantees are required to execute a grant agreement with the County.  Participants in the program are required to plant and fertilize at least 10 beach grass plants per linear foot of oceanfront property and will be reimbursed $1.00 per linear foot.  For example: a lot that is 100 feet wide is eligible for reimbursement of $100.00.

Grantees shall not be reimbursed more than $2,000 regardless of total linear feet of oceanfront property.

Grant Applications

Eligible applicants shall submit a completed application on or before 5:00 p.m. Friday, February 15, 2019 Additional information is available in the grant review process (PDF).

To Apply
  • Online
  • Call 252-232-6033
    Nick Aisthorpe, Planner I