Currituck County
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Rooted in Currituck Podcast Launch

Are you curious about what life used to be like in rural Currituck County? Do you have a story to share?

Then you will definitely want to check out the new “Rooted in Currituck” podcast produced by the Currituck County Center of North Carolina Cooperative Extension.

The “Rooted in Currituck” podcast is a journey through the stories of our guests about growing up and growing in Currituck County, North Carolina. Regular features of the podcast include a look back segment, special guest interviews, and a bit of education brought to you by today’s Cooperative Extension Agents.  The look back segment shares stories written by Extension agents in the early to mid 1900s and preserved in the archives at the Currituck Extension Center.

The special guest interviews are your neighbors, family, friends, community leaders – basically anyone with special memories to share and preserve tied to Currituck County. The educational segment relates to the stories told and includes up to date research in the areas of agriculture, youth development, foods and nutrition, or community development.

The “Rooted in Currituck” podcast is being offered on all major podcast outlets in audio only or on

The video version can be viewed on the CurrituckCES YouTube channel at

If you have a story about Currituck life that will make us laugh, cry, swell with pride, or just remember, contact Cameron Lowe, County Extension Director at or 252-232-2261. You may also submit your own recording at Tell a friend!