Beach Parking Permits Available

Beachgoers who wish to park on Currituck County’s four-wheel drive beach during the summer are required to have a county-issued beach parking permit displayed on their motor vehicle.

Examples of the Seasonal and 10 Day parking.Passes will be available beginning Monday, March 22, 2021 at the Moyock Welcome Center and the Corolla Visitor Center.

Permits WILL NOT be mailed.

  • County residents and property owners may receive 2 free parking permits for each property they own by providing proof of residency/ownership within Currituck County.
  • Persons owning on the off road area north of the North Beach Access Ramp whose property contains a house may obtain 2 additional permits at no fee.
  • Long-term renters are eligible for 2 free parking passes, but must provide proof of residence  (driver’s license, utility bills, etc.).
  • All others must pay a fee for a beach parking permit. These permits will be available for purchase from the Tourism Department on a 10-Day temporary or seasonal basis. Fees will be $50 for a 10-day parking pass (valid for 10 consecutive days) and $150 for a Seasonal pass.

The Parking Permit section of this website has a wealth of information such as:

  • How to purchase permits;
  • Rules for driving on the beach;
  • Who is exempt from the permits.

These parking permits are for Currituck County Beaches ONLYCape Hatteras National Seashore beach parking passes are available on the National Park Service website.

Pick up Permits

Permits can be picked up between 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., 7 days a week, beginning Monday, March 22, 2021.

NOTE: Remember all visitors and residents MUST wear a mask to enter our facilities.