Sheriff’s Youth Summer Camp

Sheriff Matthew W. Beickert stated in his 2019 Sheriff’s Youth Summer Camp mission statement,”With our first year of the “Sheriff’s Youth Summer Camp” a success, this program is scheduled to begin again this summer with the help of our school resource officers.”

Campers will be assigned to a summer camp based on their current grade level they’ve completed at the time their application is submitted. Students who’ve completed 6th-8th grade should apply for the middle school summer camp and students who’ve completed 9th-12th grade should apply for the high school summer camp.

2019 Sheriff’s Youth Club Summer Camps:
  • June 10 to June 20
    Monday – Thursday
    Focus:  9th-12th grade high school students
  • June 24 to July 5 (no camp July 4)
    Monday – Friday
    Focus: leadership and mentor development for a small group of high school aged students.
  • July 8 to July 18
    Monday – Thursday
    Focus: 6th-8th grade middle school students.
  • July 22 to August 1
    Monday – Thursday
    Focus: 6th-8th grade middle school students.
  • August 5 to August 15
    Monday -Thursday
    Focus: 6th-8th grade middle school students

All Summer Camps will be hosted at the Currituck County High School in room A47 (Health Class). Summer camps will meet from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Students can be dropped off at 7:50 a.m. and picked up at 4:00 p.m. at the school. Lunch will be provided by the Currituck County Schools summer food nutrition program.

At the end of each camp, we will have a recognition ceremony for all participants.

Applicants will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. New applicants will take priority over previous camp participants. All Applications must be received by Friday, April 5 2019.

Applications are available and should be submitted by:

  • Email
  • In Person
    • Currituck County Middle School -Deputy Jason Jones
    • Moyock Middle School – Deputy Lisa Starcher
    • Currituck County High School – Deputy Nathan Large
    • J.P. Knapp Early College – Secretary Annette Samborski

Students should apply for summer camp based on their current grade status at the time their application is submitted. For example, if your child is currently a student enrolled in middle school, please apply for a middle school aged summer camp. If your child is currently enrolled as a student at a high school or early college, please apply for the high school aged summer camp.

There’s a participant cap for each summer camp. High school and Middle school camp participants will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. School Resource Officers will contact school principals to identify recommended mentor camp candidates. Five camp seats will be reserved in each camp for referrals from North Carolina Juvenile Justice Court Counselors, JCPC program providers, Currituck County School Principals, and Currituck County School Resource Officers.

There is NO fee to attend summer camp and the program is open to all middle school and high school Currituck County youth.

The Sheriff’s office will not be hosting summer camp for K-5th grade elementary age students during the summer of 2019, our School Resource Officers and mentors will be helping the Currituck YMCA with their 3rd-5th grade summer camp from July 1 – July 5. Students K-5th grade can apply for the YMCA summer camp which is not free. Visit Currituck YMCA’s summer camps for more information.

For questions contact:

Deputy Nathan Large – 252-453-0014
Deputy Lisa Starcher – 252-435-2566
Deputy Jason Jones – 252-453-2171