Sheriff’s Division Staff


Matthew W. Beickert

Administrative Personnel

Kim Leis
Lindsay Voorhees
Morgan Johnson
Linda Ferebee

The Administrative staff  is an important part of the Sheriff’s Office. These are the people that make sure that you get the information you request such as;

  • copies of reports
  • gun permits
  • Finger Print cards
  • responsible for sending multiple reports to the state and federal agencies

Patrol Division
Patrol Lieutenant
Terence Sutton
Charged with Supervision of the Patrol Division.

Jaymes Holden

Captain is charged with Supervising the Patrol Section and coordinator for Project Lifesaver.

Mainland Patrol Sergeants

Sergeant Kevin McCord
Sergeant N. Buddy Capps
Sergeant Wayne Lambertson
Sergeant Michael Corbell

Patrol Sergeants are the direct supervisors of the Deputies on patrol of the mainland.

Beach Patrol Sergeants

Sergeant Randy Jones
Sergeant Joey Davidson
Sergeant Theresa Thornton

Beach Patrol Sergeants are the direct supervisors of the Deputies that patrol the Outer Banks of Currituck.

Administrative and Investigations Division
Chief Deputy

Jeff Walker

Chief Deputy handles a variety of duties including:

  • writing of grants for funding
  • purchasing equipment
  • interviewing applicants
  • following up on and investigating complaints.
  • coordinates all of the training for the office, Including Instructing specialized firearms courses.

He is a certified armorer for the departments weapons, is the leader of the Sheriffs Special Response Team and the Sheriff’s Community Watch Program.

Criminal Investigation Division

Felony Investigators

Sergeant James Midgett
Detective Swany Dudley
Detective Christopher Saunders
Detective William V. Lasher

Narcotics Investigators

Sergeant Kevin Bray
Detective Wes Alcock
Detective Jesse Taylor

Special Response Team Members

Matt Beickert
Jeff  Walker
N. Buddy Capps
Jeremy Evans
Stephen Gilbert
Timothy Holub
Matthew Odom
Chris Saunders
James Simpson
Jesse Taylor
Nathan Wisz

County officers that have received extensive training in the execution of high risk search warrants and the use of special weapons and tactics to effectively take suspects into custody and protect citizens from unnecessary danger.

Bike Patrol Unit  

Wesley Alcock
Jesse Taylor

County officers that  have under gone additional training in specialized bike patrol tactics including Specialized suspect take-downs with the bike and Tactical dismounts.

K-9 Unit

Mark Chappell-K-9 Instructor/Supervisor
Joe Rein
Henry “Neel” Smith
Wesley Alcock