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November 2020 Crossword Puzzle – Savannah Georgia

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1. Organization Juliette Gordon Low created
2. Savannah was gifted to this American President
3. Landscape feature Savannah was named for
4. What time to meet in the Garden of Good and Evil
5. Famous fountain and park name
6. Founded Savannah and has his own street
7. Oak trees are draped in this
8. These islands are located off the southern coast of Georgia
9. Savannah's favorite candy
10. Inn or Restaurant mentioned in the book Treasure Island
11. Enjoy a great show at the Savannah...
12. Square where the bus scene in Forrest Gump was filmed
13. What the streets are made of in the Historic District
14. This is eaten with grits
15. Who runs the best group trips to Savannah
16. This mythical creature stands in front of Savannah's Cotton Exchange
17. Boardinghouse and restaurant serving homestyle Southern cooking
18. Famous Savannah Bloom