Sand Fence Cost Share Program
Grant Fulfillment Requirements

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Step 1: Grant Acceptance and Contract Execution

Applicants shall complete and submit the grant agreement and W9 form to the county.

The County will execute the grant agreement contract and return a copy to the grantee.  Grantees are responsible for arranging sand fence purchase and installation.

Step 2 – Sand Fence Installation

Grantees shall arrange for the purchase and installation of sand fence including poles and connections.  Grantee shall obtain a CAMA exemption letter for installation of sand fence.

Grantee shall complete installation of sand fence within 90 days of execution of the grant agreement.

Step 3 – Notice to County and Accounting Report

Upon completion of sand fence installation, grantee shall provide notice to the County along with an itemized receipt for the purchase and installation of sand fence.

Step 4 – County Inspection & Reimbursement of Funds

County staff will perform a site inspection within two (2) weeks of notification.  Upon satisfactory inspection of the Grantee’s property, the County Finance Department will reimburse the grant funds.

Grantees that do not complete sand fence installation or request a site inspection will not be reimbursed.

Dune Vegetation Resources

Thank you for your interest and participation in the Sand Fence Cost Share Program. The following publications may be of interest:

  • American Beach grass USDA Plant Fact Sheet
  • The Dune Book by Spencer Rogers and David Nash
  • Mid-Atlantic Region Dune Restoration and Maintenance by USDA Soil Conservation Service