Samaritans Corner – A Family In Need

Fire Victim In Need

As many of you may be aware of a Currituck Citizen in Moyock lost everything in a mobile home fire on Wednesday, February 21, 2018.

For additional information or to donate call 252-312-1561.

As in the past Samaritan’s Corner is activated to help assist and provide a central location to list the necessary items needed to help this family get reestablished.

We will post additional information as it become available.

Adult 40 year old Male:

  •  Shirt: 2X
  • Pants: 38 waist 36 length
  • Shoes: 11.5
What “Samaritan’s Corner” Is

Currituck County is fortunate that we have a low volume of structures lost due to fires or man-made or weather related events. When such an event occurs, it is devastating for both the family and the community. In the past, members of the family or community affected have inquired about resources and assistance needed for those impacted.

Currituck County recognizes that in previous situations, there had not been a single focused point to gather specific information, provide contacts, references and available resources for the victims and general public.

Samaritan’s Corner has been established to assist and provide this information. In the unfortunate event that a family or community becomes a victim to loss of home and/or personal items the information listed here is designed to help get them reestablished.

The local fire departments or other first responder/public safety agencies (Emergency Management, EMS, Law Enforcement) will work together to obtain information relative to each specific incident(s) and provide information such as;

  • number and ages of people affected
  • sizes of clothing,
  • and /or specific needs.

The loss of a home due to fire, man-made or weather related disaster is devastating to any family, because it means displacement and loss of personal items. Depending on the extent of the damage, families must rebuild their lives from almost nothing. Although charitable organizations can help out families who are victims of disaster, you can assist a displaced family as a neighbor and a friend by making sure you and other contributors are providing truly helpful items that the family needs after the loss of a home.

We encourage that any donations or assistance being offered be made directly to the contact number provided for that incident. Our county’s first response personnel cannot be responsible for the coordination, receipt or handling of donations.