Items Accepted at
Convenience Centers

The Annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection scheduled for Saturday, March 28, 2020 at the Currituck County Judicial Center and Southern Outer Banks Water Plant has been CANCELLED. 

The collection will be rescheduled for a later date.

Do your part to help protect the environment, please recycle.

Recyclable Waste Accepted
Aluminum, Steel and Plastic Containers
  • Accepted at all sites and commingled in same container.
  • No
    • foil paper
    • food contaminated containers
    • grocery bags
    • toys
    • lawn furniture
    • large bulky items
Mixed Glass
  • All colors of glass accepted
  • No light bulbs
Mixed Paper Products
  • Items Accepted
    • cardboard boxes
    • magazines
    • telephone books
    • soft and hard cover books
    • newspaper
    • junk mail
    • greeting and post cards
    • shredded paper
    • paperboard
  • No pizza boxes
  • Remove all Styrofoam and packing materials before recycling boxes
Lawn Clippings and Debris
  • Limbs less than 8 feet long and 4 inches in diameter
  • Yard waste greater than a 5×8 foot truck bed sized load must be taken to the
    Transfer Station
    216 Airport Road
    Maple, North Carolina 27956
White Goods/Mixed Metal
  • Items Accepted
    • washing machines
    • stoves
    • metal bed frames
    • bicycles
    • metal object
  • All items containing FREON are only accepted at the
    Transfer Station
    216 Airport Road
    Maple, North Carolina 27956
Electronic Waste
  • Items Accepted (Not available at Grandy or Carova sites)
    • computers
    • televisions
    • stereo sets
    • cell phones
    • keyboards
    • radios
    • telephone systems
    • LCD monitors
    • CRT monitors
    • fax machines
    • projectors
    • peripherals
    • speakers
    • exercise equipment
Cooking Oil
  • Cooking oil is now accepted at all sites in the tan colored cooking oil recycling container
Automotive Products
  • Items Accepted
    • antifreeze
    • used motor oil
    • oil filters
    • lead acid batteries
  • No cooking oil in the used motor oil container
  • Truck and car tires from personal vehicles (remove tires from rims before recycling)
Non-Recyclable Waste Accepted
Household Garbage
  • All bagged garbage should be place in the compactor
  • No
    • dead animals
    • animal waste
    • medical waste
    • hazardous waste
Bulky Waste
  • Items Accepted
    • large household items
    • carpet
    • foam backing
    • large plastic toys
    • mattresses
    • box springs
Construction and Debris
  • Household Items Accepted
    • wood construction
    • remodeling debris
    • bricks
    • blocks
  • All waste and debris from contractors and commercial establishments is prohibited, take material to Transfer Station.
Items Not Accepted
  • propane gas tanks
  • oil barrels
  • medical waste
  • industrial waste
  • commercial waste
  • liquid waste
  • hazardous waste
  • hot or smoldering coals
  • dead animals