Public Information

The Information and Communications Officer is a member of the County Manager’s staff and serves as a point of contact for county government information to assist citizens, media and other local, state and national agencies. This office makes every effort to keep the public informed about the policies, administrative operations, objectives and programs available to citizens.

It also adheres to a policy of open, honest and accurate communication. The Information and Communications Officer organizes the publication of Currituck County materials and serves as liaison for public information during emergencies and critical incidents.

 Responsibilities of the Public Information
  • Coordinates and directs information released to the media and responds to media requests;
  • Maintains a public information phone line and e-mail inquiry service;
  • Responds to requests for information from citizens and staff;
  • Prepares press releases publicizing county events, programs, services, and policies;
  • Prepares printed materials such as brochures and flyers that publicize county services, events, policies, reports, etc.;
  • Serves as a spokesperson for the county, when needed;
  • Develops a Communications Plan;
  • Works with the staff of the Emergency Management Dept. to prepare communications materials to be used in emergencies;
  • Prepares a quarterly report to the community – Focus on Currituck – that highlights programs, services, policies and events;
  • Prepares and distributes a digital e-newsletter, freely available to citizens via email;
  • Arranges for employee recognition;
  • Posts and maintains announcements on Currituck’s Public Access television channels.