Land Use Plan

Currituck County is in the process of updating our current Land Use Plan. Draft Polices and concepts are being drafted and available on “Imagine Currituck.”

Our Land Use Plan was adopted on November 20, 2006 (amended August 18, 2008 and April 20, 2009).

The following maps are also available:

Map 1.1Overview of Currituck County
Map 3.1Areas of Environmental Concern
Map 3.2Soil Suitability for Septic Systems
Map 3.3Water Quality Classes and Subbasins
Map 3.4Flood Hazard Areas (100 Year Only)
Map 3.5Fragile Areas
Map 3.6Environmental Composite
Map 3.7N. Sanderling to S. Corolla: Shoreline Change
Map 3.8S. Corolla: Shoreline Change
Map 3.9N. Corolla: Shoreline Change
Map 3.10N. of Corolla to Virginia: Shoreline Change
Map 4.1Existing Land Use
Map 5.1Water and Sewer Systems
Map 5.2Transportation
Map 6.1Land Suitability Analysis
Map 11.1Land Classification Map (includes unofficial sub-areas)