Permit & Inspections
Fee Schedule

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Permit TypeResidentialCommerical
Alterations$0.15/ sf $0.12/ sf
Construction, Additions, Canopy (NEW)

(Excluding storage, garages, utility buildings)
Dune Decks and Walkways$0.30/sf$0.35/sf
Detached Storage$0.15/sf$0.15/sf
Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing$50.00


Elevator (includes trade permits)
Fire AlarmN/A$50.00
Gas (Propane or Natural)$50.00$100.00
Fuel PumpsN/A$50.00/pump

Mobile Homes$0.20/sfN/A
Roofing (Sheating Replacement)
Roofing (Shingles only >$15,000 project cost) $35.00
County, State, Federal, and ChurchNo FeeNo Fee
Farm BuildingNo Fee$0.35/sf
Pre-Manufactured Metal Carport > 400 sq ft$50.00$100.00
HVAC Changeout (includes trade permits)
ABC InspectionsN/A$100.00
CAMA Permit$100.00$100.00
Pier, Bulkhead, Dock, Boatlift$50.00$100.00
Retaining Wall$50.00$100.00
School and Day Care (Private)N/A$100.00
Signs (On-Premise)N/A
$50.00/ Sign
Signs (Off-Premise)N/A
$50.00/ Sign
Solar Arrays
$50.00 +

$200.00 +

Swimming Pool (includes trade permits)    $75.00$200.00
Swimming Pool (Electrical) $25.00$50.00
Hot Tub (includes trade permits)
Temporary Office BuildingN/A$60.00
Tent (Public Assembly/Fire Rating Required) > 800 sq ft$50.00$50.00 per tent
TowersN/A$500.00 each
Wind Turbine$200.00 each$500.00 each
Window Replacement/Doors/Siding >$15,000$50.00$75.00
Fire Sprinklers
Exhaust Hoods
Generators (includes trade permits)
$100.00 $200.00
Home Occupations

(Building/work without a permit or occupying building without Certificate of Occupancy

$50.00 minimum                  $100.00 minimum        or 25% of permit cost, whichever is greater

Projects that do not fall within the categories above shall be figured on a cost of construction basis:

$1 - $5,000

Over $5,000

$10.00/ $1,000.00

$20.00/ $1,000.00
Minimum Permit Fee $25.00
*Alterations include work within existing structures and upgrading existing service. Does not include additions, new construction, providing power to structures not previously having power or new service to existing buildings.

Revised July 1, 2018