Parks & Recreation
Discipline Policy

Currituck County Parks and Recreation Department (CCPRD) welcomes everyone to use our County recreational facilities as resources for:

  • social,
  • educational,
  • leisure
  • and recreational uses.

Currituck County recreational facilities accommodate a wide variety of activities varying from indoor meeting and conference rooms to noisy playgrounds and athletic fields.

At times an individual or group’s conduct may become:

  • disruptive,
  • compromises safety,
  • damages/destroys property,
  • or is otherwise incompatible

with the intended use of a facility and prevents others from enjoying the use of that facility.

Therefore we find it necessary that everyone who uses County recreational facilities follow our Park & Recreation Department Discipline Policy in order to:

  • Afford appropriate respect for other visitors and staff
  • Provide an appropriate level of maintenance and safety
  • Ensure public access and use of facilities by everyone
  • Facilitate success in programming

As you enjoy Currituck County’s many park and programs, please help us make it an enjoyable experience for all by following our Discipline Policy.

If you have any questions about the discipline policy or any other Park and Recreation facilities or policies please contact us at 252-232-3007 or email a staff member.