Remember: Beach driving air-down ordinance in effect

Beachgoers who drive onto the four-wheel drive beach in Corolla must be aware that Currituck County’s air-down ordinance is in effect. Motorists must lower the air pressure in their tires before accessing the beach from N.C. 12 in Corolla. According to the ordinance, no person shall drive onto the beach with tires containing air pressure greater that 20 p.s.i. in each tire.

Prior to accessing the beach, motorists should pull off of N.C. 12 to air-down their tires at the public beach access facility located on Corolla Village Rd. This facility is located on the east side of N.C. 12.

After leaving the beach, motorists may inflate tires at Historic Corolla Park, which is located on the west side of N.C. 12. After entering the park’s main entrance, turn right into the first parking lot. New air stations have been installed by the county and are located near the picnic pavilion. These air pumps are free for public use.