Mosquito briquettes available for citizens

Currituck County Mosquito Traps & Testing Update: Two different entities – Albemarle Regional Health Services (ARHS) and Vector Disease Control – continue to monitor separate mosquito traps throughout the county. Each agency continues to find low numbers of mosquitoes in the traps, so spraying for mosquitoes is not recommended at this time.

However, ARHS has provided mosquito briquettes for concerned citizens to pick up at the Currituck Health Department. These briquettes are placed in standing water and slowly release a compound that kills mosquito larvae, which is often much more effective than spraying. The briquettes are also safer for use around pets and harmless to the environment.  The Currituck Health Department is located at 2795 Caratoke Highway, Currituck, NC 27929, and can be reached at 252-232-2271.

There are also some mosquito briquettes at the Corolla Library that citizens may pick up.  The Corolla Library is located at 1123 Ocean Trail, Corolla, NC 27927 and can be reached at 252-453-0496.