Public invited to attend Aviation Day

Make plans to attend Currituck Aviation Day on Saturday, September 24. This special event will be held from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm at Currituck Regional Airport, 107 College Way, Barco, NC, 27956.

Aviation Day has free admission and will feature many activities for children and adults. Airplane rides will be free for ages 7 – 17 and $15 for adults. There will be live music, local vendors, food trucks, face painting, informational booths, and more. Come out and learn more about Currituck Regional Airport, as well as information from Currituck County Government.

A rain date of Sunday, Sept. 25 has been reserved. For more information, contact William Nelson, Airport Director, at 252-453-2876 or by email to


Repairs completed on 4WD beach horse fence

Repairs to the horse containment fence at the 4WD beach in Corolla have recently been completed. This safe fence helps keep the Corolla Wild Horses within the 4WD beach area and prevents them from roaming into paved Corolla, where their safety would be at risk from traffic and additional public interaction. The project included replacing cable rows on the fence and replacing pilings in the water section. Repairs were also made to the on-land wooden fencing at the 4WD beach boundary.

Utility projects position county for future growth

Currituck County has begun a series of projects to improve the county’s water utility infrastructure to provide better services for citizens and meet the demands of residential and commercial growth. Over the next two to three years, the county’s plans include expanding the water treatment plants in Maple and Corolla, developing additional wells to increase raw water supply, and installing water main pipes running north and south on the mainland.

Expanding the reverse osmosis water treatment systems at the Mainland Water Plant in Maple and the Southern Outer Banks Water System (SOBWS) plant in Corolla is vital to Currituck’s ability to provide an adequate water supply in the future. The mainland is experiencing a steady influx of residential and commercial customers, especially in the Moyock area. On the Outer Banks, the SOBWS treatment plant consistently operates at or near maximum capacity during the summer vacation season.

Both water plants were originally built with future expansion in mind, so there is designated space in each facility to enlarge the reverse osmosis structure. These expansions will provide an additional 750,000 gallons of treated water per day at each site. Currently, the mainland reverse osmosis system can produce 1.5 million gallons per day. In Corolla, the SOBWS plant is able to treat 3 million gallons of water daily.

In combination with the plant expansions, Currituck will develop new wells to ensure a robust supply of raw water. A project is underway to build a fourth deep well on the mainland and exploratory tests are finding a suitable well site in Corolla. Each will draw water from an aquifer approximately 250 feet below the surface. The county also completed exploratory tests on an extra-deep well in Corolla, testing water from more than 1,000 feet deep. The high salination of the deeper water would require an upgrade to the reverse osmosis membrane components, but does offer a possible water source should the need arise in the future.

Two other important projects involve the installation of 16” water main pipes on the mainland. One main will head south, under the Coinjock Canal, to enhance service to the southern mainland areas. A second main will head north along the Highway 168 corridor to the county’s water towers that serve the fast-growing northern mainland communities. To support the water mains, the county will construct additional booster pump stations along the routes to move water more efficiently.

In addition, the county expects to construct a 500,000-gallon water storage tank in Corolla next to the SOBWS water plant within the next three years. This additional storage capacity, in combination with the plant expansion, will help the Outer Banks system maintain a consistent, abundant supply of water for customers during peak usage periods. These upgrades are critical to providing service to the county’s successful tourism industry.

County staff and the Board of Commissioners have put a great deal of time into planning the utility system’s future needs. Overall, these forward-thinking projects will enhance Currituck County’s ability to provide services for customers as the population continues to grow.

Board appoints Morgan new county attorney

The Currituck County Board of Commissioners announced the appointment of Megan E. Morgan as county attorney during the board meeting on Monday, July 18, 2022.  Morgan’s first day of work with Currituck County will be August 1, 2022.

Morgan is a native of Currituck County. Prior to joining county staff, she spent five years working at Twiford Law Firm. Her primary areas of practice included local government law, as Twiford represented Camden County Government. She also practiced estate planning, estate administration, civil litigation, business law, social security disability, and administrative law.

“Serving as Currituck County’s attorney is truly a dream come true,” Morgan said. “Currituck has and always will be home for me. I am honored and excited to fill this role and will always take my ethical responsibility to Currituck County very seriously.”

Morgan graduated summa cum laude from East Carolina University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration. She graduated from Campbell Law School in 2014.

Morgan will take over the attorney’s duties from Ike McRee, who has been serving in a dual role of county manager and attorney since Aug. 28, 2021. McRee has been Currituck’s attorney since 2008 and was appointed interim manager after the departure of Ben Stikeleather. Commissioners named McRee as the permanent county manager on Feb. 7, 2022, prompting the search for a new attorney.

Health Fair coming in August

Save the date for the Currituck County Health and Safety Fair!  This special event will be held on Sunday, August 14 from 1:00 – 5:00 pm at the Cooperative Extension facility in Community Park, Barco.

Currituck County Fire-Emergency Medical Services is sponsoring the fair and will be joined by several local and regional partners to present health information to event attendees. Participating agencies include Sentara Healthcare, Chesapeake Regional Healthcare, Trillium Health Resources, Albemarle Regional Health Services, and Currituck House Senior Living. Several Currituck County Government departments will be represented, including Sheriff’s Office, Senior Services, and Social Services.

Attendees will be able to receive health and safety information and participate in health activities. Topics include COVID boosters, CPR, fall prevention, fire prevention, elderly assistance, Identi-Kid, and digital mammography screenings provided by Sentara.

If you have any questions about the Health and Safety Fair, contact Currituck Fire-EMS at 252-232-7746.

Hurricane season safety tips and reminders

It’s summer in Currituck County and, unfortunately, that means it’s another hurricane season. Currituck County encourages all residents and property owners to stay informed on weather alerts and remain prepared in case a severe storm comes towards the area. Important steps citizens can take to help prepare for hurricane season include:

(1)  Utilize Reliable Sources of Information:

(2)  Assemble an Emergency Safety Kit

A good safety kit should include supplies to last each person for a minimum of three days. Suggested items include food, bottled water, medicines, prescriptions, radio, batteries, phone charger, clothes, personal hygiene items, and cash. Also, remember to include pet supplies for household animals.

(3)  Plan to Safeguard Your Home

It’s wise to make checklists of tasks you’ll need to complete prior to storm. Making checklists ahead of time helps to ensure that no task is overlooked. This may include securing loose outdoor items, covering windows, securing doors, moving boats to safe locations, and moving valuables in your home to higher floors or locations. You may also want to take photos or video of your home and possessions prior to a storm for insurance documentation.

(4)  Check on Your Insurance

Contact your insurance agent to make sure your home and property is covered. You may also consider acquiring flood insurance, which is typically not included in a standard home insurance policy. Currituck County can provide information on the National Flood Insurance Program for local property owners. It’s also a good idea to keep your insurance documents in a waterproof container and take these documents with you during an evacuation.

(5)  Develop an Evacuation Plan

Plan ahead of time where you will go if an evacuation is ordered and share this plan with family and friends. When you evacuate, you should take your emergency safety kit and household pets with you. If you feel that you might need evacuation assistance, contact Currituck County Emergency Management at 252-232-2115. The county can help provide evacuation transportation for citizens who do not have their own transportation or have special medical needs.

Currituck County does not open any public shelters before a storm due to the threat of flooding at county facilities. Also, remember that the Animal Shelter does not accept pets from citizens who are evacuating, so please take your pets with you.

If an evacuation occurs, county residents and property owners may use their Currituck County Solid Waste Permit decal as a re-entry permit into Corolla and the 4WD area after the storm. Following the evacuation, county officials and law enforcement will announce when certain areas are considered safe and reopened to the public.

If you have any questions about hurricane season preparedness, contact Currituck County Emergency Management at 252-232-2115. Stay ready and be safe!

Parks & Rec gathering feedback on master plan

Currituck County Parks and Recreation wants to hear from you!   The Parks and Rec staff is developing a system-wide Comprehensive Recreation Master Plan to help guide future planning for services and projects.  We want to know what recreational programs and facilities are important to the citizens of Currituck County.

Citizens may provide input by completing a brief online survey. This feedback will be used in the development of the master plan, with the goal of improving the services and facilities offered by Parks and Recreation.

The survey link will remain active through June 30. Anyone with questions may contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 252-232-3007.

Work continues to stabilize Old Jail

A project to stabilize and preserve the historic Old Currituck Jail recently included the addition of several new bricks. These bricks were specially made to match the original brick of the structure.

Currituck County has undertaken this project in order to protect the Old Jail, which sits next to the Historic Courthouse just steps away from the Currituck Sound. Both historic buildings have weathered many storms over hundreds of years. Currituck County aims to preserve these landmarks as part of the county’s distinguished history.

Currituck’s original jail was built after receiving legislative permission in 1767, it burned down in 1808. It was rebuilt in 1857 and is one of the four oldest jails in North Carolina.

The county hopes that in the future, after the stabilization project is complete, the interior of the Old Currituck Jail can be renovated and opened to the public as an educational and tourist attraction.


Communications office has new phone number

Effective on May 18, 2022, the phone number for the Currituck County Communications Office is 252-453-3633. This is also the after-hours emergency number for customers of Currituck County Water and Sewer.

This does not affect 9-1-1 emergency communications in any way. Citizens should still dial 9-1-1 if they have an emergency.

Draves appointed Director of Elections

The North Carolina State Board of Elections approved the appointment of Brandie Draves as the new Director of Elections for Currituck County. Her first day as director is April 18, 2022.

Draves succeeds former director Sydni Banks, who resigned to pursue an opportunity in the private business sector. Prior to being named director, Draves served as Deputy Director of Elections in Currituck County for six years.

“I look forward to providing fair, impartial, and accurate election services and innovative solutions to ensure our voters don’t encounter long lines on elections day. Additionally, I want to thank our appointed board and many election workers. Because of their ongoing efforts, elections are and will remain successful in Currituck County,” Draves said.

The North Carolina Primary Election is scheduled for May 17, 2022. The One-Stop early voting period is April 28 to May 14. Anyone with questions regarding the Primary Election may contact the Currituck County Board of Elections at 252-232-2525.