Special Meeting of the Board of Commissioners, Tourism Development Authority, and Ocean Sands Water and Sewer District – 4:00 PM

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Date(s) - 06/22/2020
4:00 pm

N.C. Cooperative Extension , Currituck County Center


TAKE NOTICE that the Currituck County Board of Commissioners, sitting as the governing board for the County, Tourism Development Authority, and Ocean Sands Water and Sewer District, will meet in special sessions on Monday, June 22, 2020, beginning at 4:00 p.m..  The meetings will be held in the Sanderlin Auditorium of the Currituck County Cooperative Education Center, to consider and possibly take action on the following:


  • Consideration and Possible Adoption of the Annual Budget for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2021.
  • Lottery Funds Request for Schools-Griggs HVAC & Central Elementary Roof Replacement
  • Board Appointments – Commissioner Nominee to College of the Albemarle Board of Trustees
  • Consent Agenda Items:
    1. Resolution to Approve Modular Unit Lease-Purchase Agreement for Currituck County Schools
    2. Budget Amendments
    3. IT Surplus Resolution
    4. JCPC Funding Plan Certification
    5. Dominion Power ROW Agreement-Maritime Museum

The Board of Commissioners will recess to hold Special Meetings of the Tourism Development Authority and the Ocean Sands Water and Sewer District Board for consideration and possible action on the following matters:


  • Consideration and Possible Adoption of the Annual Budget for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2021.
  • Pitney Bowes Lease-Mail Processing Equipment, Tourism Department


  • Consideration and Possible Adoption of the Ocean Sands Water & Sewer District Annual Budget for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2021.

6:00 p.m. Reconvene Special Meeting of the Board of Commissioners


  • PB 20-05 Currituck County Nonconforming Campgrounds Text Amendment:
  • PB 20-06 Currituck County Remove Planned Development-Residential Text Amendment:
  • PB 20-08 Currituck County Subdivision Access Standards Text Amendment: Family Subdivisions may front NCDOT-maintained streets and that private access streets shall connect to an NCDOT-maintained street.
  • PB 20-03 Currituck County Miscellaneous Text Amendment:
    1. Change Planning Board quorum requirement from 5 members to 4 members to bring consistency with reduction of planning board members previously approved by the BOC. (P&CD)
    2. Codify Administrative Manual requirement that a NC licensed surveyor, engineer, or architect must prepare a site plan for lots 20,000 square feet or smaller. (P&CD) Require an As-Built Survey for development of principal structures on lots 40,000 square feet or smaller. (BOC)
    3. Clarify metal siding prohibition in Business Districts in order to clarify the intent of prohibition of use of metal siding on facades facing major arterial streets in Industrial Zoning Districts. (BOC and P&CD)
    4. Remove redundant parking language for Bed and Breakfast Inns. Parking is regulated in Chapter 5. (P&CD)
    5. Correct language regarding allowable accessory uses prior to principal uses in the SFR zoning district to be consistent with the motion approved at the December 4, 2017 BOC meeting. (P&CD)
    6. Allow the keeping of specific livestock as an accessory use in AG, SFM and SFI zoning districts subject to specific standards. (BOC)
    7. Revise the term Sludge to Biosolids and amend the permit requirements for Land application of Biosolids and Septage as permitted by right subject to a permit from the appropriate agency. This revision will bring consistency with recent court decisions. (P&CD)
    8. Include the Home Occupation definition in the specific standards for better consistency in communicating the requirements and allowable Home Occupation uses. (P&CD)
    9. Remove the minimum square footage for Accessory Dwelling Units to be consistent with State Law Session 2019-174 that prohibits a minimum square footage designation. (P&CD)
    10. Change the reference from “Private Residence” to “Single Family Dwelling” for Certain Temporary Uses. (P&CD)
    11. Clarify the intent that Non-Residential Design Features are required on front building facades and facades facing or visible from streets and clarify the intent that use of metal siding is prohibited on front building facades and facades facing or visible from streets in Business Districts. (BOC and P&CD)
    12. Remove the Reserve Utility Open Space requirement. (BOC)
    13. Revise the term certified check to cashier’s check to be consistent with current financial terminology. (P&CD)

Public Hearings-Rezonings

  •  PB 20-02 Hurley Conditional Rezoning: Request to rezone 0.46 acres at 1202 Ocean Trail from SFO to C-GB for proposed retail and office use.
  • PB 20-10 The Cotton Gin, Inc: The applicant is requesting a zoning map amendment to rezone 2.17 acres from Agriculture (AG) to General Business (GB) for property located at 6957 Caratoke Highway, Jarvisburg, Poplar Branch Township
  • PB 19-20 Flora Farm: Rezone 224.44 acres from Agricultural (AG) to Planned Development-Residential (PD-R) for property located in Moyock immediately south of Eagle Creek subdivision and Moyock Middle School. The request includes 285 single-family dwelling lots, up to 100,000 sf commercial, 125 upper story dwelling units, and a 22 acre school site

School Construction Funds Request-Board of Education

The Board of Commissioners may take up other matters that are typically discussed, considered or acted upon at a regular meeting.  The full agenda packet can be viewed at www.CurrituckGovernment.com.

This meeting will not be video streamed.

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