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December 2020

A Dose Of Humor For Your Health

Laughing it up with friends or watching a funny video clip is more than just entertaining. A good laugh can improve
your outlook and help your health, too. Evidence suggests that laughter may have a positive effect on your mental and
physical health.

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November 2020
How To Spot a Scam

Scammers use a variety of tactics to try to steal your money or personal information. With high-tech tools at their disposal, they can easily mask who is the real sender of an email or phone call. They can even make it appear to come from an organization or person you know. Being alert and aware of scam tactics can help you protect yourself.

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October 2020
Why Waist Size Matters – BMI by the numbers

Obsessing over the numbers on your bathroom scale can be frustrating. You might experience a range of emotions from “I’m inspired” to “I’m seeing no progress” to “I don’t even care.” Keep in mind, tracking your pounds doesn’t tell the whole story. Instead, measuring your body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference can provide a better picture of your weight and what it means for your health.

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September 2020
Avoid the Side Effects of Sitting

Do you spend most of your day sitting? If you have a desk job, a typical day might look something like this: Commute 30 minutes to work. Sit at a desk for eight hours. Drive home 30 minutes. Eat dinner. Watch TV for three hours. The time you spend sitting adds up fast, and it can be a big risk for your health.

It’s hard to believe that something as harmless as sitting in a chair can have such a big impact on your health. But the good news is, you have the power to improve your health by making a few small changes every day.

Here’s how sitting takes a toll on your body, and what you can do about it.

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August 2020
A Checklist for Your Next Check-up

With work and family activities keeping you busy, it can be tempting to put off visiting the doctor. But an annual check-up is important for your health and well-being. In addition to getting the shots or screening tests you need, you’ll also learn about steps you can take to be healthy in your daily life.

The time with your health care provider goes by quickly, and you want to make it count. Here are some suggestions to help you make the most of your next check-up.

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July 2020
Take the Sting Out of Summer

It’s time for outdoor adventures – maybe a nature hike, a dip in the pool or a relaxing backyard barbecue. Being prepared with some first aid basics can help you handle just about anything that comes your way.

Learn how to treat Bee Stings, Tick Bites, Mosquito Bites and Poison Ivy.

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June 2020
Drink In The Benefits of Hydration

Your body craves water, and it’s not just for quenching your thirst. Every cell needs water to carry out its activities. When you stay hydrated throughout the day, your body can function at its best. Not only that, but it can help you look good and feel better, too.

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May 2020
More Than A Mood – Watch for Warning Signs of Depression

Everyone feels down sometimes. You might be coping with everyday stress, feeling lonely or grieving the loss of a loved one. But how do you know if you’re just feeling blue or on the brink of a major depression?

The signs of depression are hard to detect, and might go unnoticed by you or others who are close to you. Depression can hide behind a person’s smiling photos posted on social media. It can be a constant drain on someone who appears otherwise happy and functioning in their career.

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April 2020
Balancing Your Health and Your Budget

Paying for medical care can be a draining experience – especially for your wallet. Having a health plan certainly helps a lot, but the out-of-pocket costs may still be unpredictable. You might glide along with very few health expenses for 6 months in a row, and then boom – an emergency room visit costs you thousands of dollars.

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March 2020
All About Antioxidants

You’ve probably heard that antioxidants can help support your immune system and fight disease. That’s a good thing, because your body’s cells have to defend against numerous threats every day. Those threats might be from viruses, infections or damage caused by free radicals.

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February 2020

Pump Up Your Knowledge – 7 Surprising Facts About High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is known as a “silent killer.” It can sneak up on you for years without even knowing it. That’s dangerous for your health, because having high blood pressure raises your risk of heart disease and stroke.

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January 2020
30 Ways To A Healthier New You

Looking for ways to get healthier this year? Here are 30 of them. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, get a better night’s sleep, manage your stress or anything in between, these health tips can get you started.

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