Employee Policies

Safety Manual

Currituck County is sincerely concerned with the safety and welfare of our employees and the public they serve. We acknowledge an obligation as an employer to provide the safest possible working conditions for employees and a safe environment for the public who use our services.

The purpose of the Safety Manual is to acquaint employees with Currituck County’s general safety rules and policies.


Family Medical Leave Act Employee (FMLA) Rights & Responsibilities

The Family Medical Leave Act Employee (FMLA) entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons with continuation of group health insurance coverage under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave. More information about FMLA is available on the United States Department of Labor website.

Employee Rights Under the Family Medical Leave Act Poster


Personnel Policy

The purpose of the policy is to establish a human resources system policy that will promote a fair and effective means of employee recruitment and selection, develop and maintain an effective and responsible work force, and provide the means for rewarding meritorious employees and the removal of unsatisfactory employees.

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  • Article 1 - Organization of the Human Resources System
  • Article 2 - The Classification Plan

    The Classification Plan

    Section 201Adoption2.1
    Section 202Allocation of Positions2.1
    Section 203Administration of the Position Classification Plan2.1
    Section 204Amendment of the Position Classification Plan2.2
    Section 205Location of the Position Classification Plan2.2
  • Article 3 - The Pay Plan

    The Pay Plan

    Section 301Adoption3.1
    Section 302Maintenance of the Pay Plan3.1
    Section 303Administration of the Pay Plan3.1
    Section 304Hiring Rate/Starting Salary3.2
    Section 305Progression to the Standard Job Rate3.2
    Section 306Failure to Perform Satisfactorily3.2
    Section 307Delay of Performance Evaluation3.2
    Section 308Longevity Pay Plan3.3
    Section 309Trainee Salaries3.4
    Section 310Pay Rates in Promotion, Demotion, Transfer And Reclassification3.4
    Section 311Pay Rates in Salary Range Revisions3.5
    Section 312Pay for Part-Time Work3.5
    Section 313Overtime3.5
    Section 314Payroll Deductions3.7
    Section 315Payroll Procedure3.7
    Section 316Effective Date of Salary Adjustments3.7
  • Article 4 - Recruitment and Selection

    Recruitment and Selection

    Section 401Statement of Equal Employment Opportunity4.1
    Section 402Recruitment - Responsibility of the Human Resources Director4.1
    Section 403Position Vacancy Announcements4.1
    Section 404Application for Employment4.2
    Section 405Applicant Tracking4.2
    Section 406Qualification Standards4.2
    Section 407Selection4.3
    Section 408Appointments4.3
    Section 409Probationary Period of Employment4.4
    Section 410Promotion4.4
    Section 411Demotion4.4
    Section 412Transfer4.5
  • Article 5 - Conditions of Employment

    Conditions of Employment

    Section 501Work Week5.1
    Section 502Gifts and Favors5.1
    Section 503Political Activity Restricted5.2
    Section 504Unlawful Workplace Harassment5.2
    Section 505Outside Employment5.5
    Section 506Limitation on Employment of Relatives5.6
    Section 507Use and Operation of County Owned Vehicles5.6
    Section 508Travel Expense and Reimbursement5.10
    Section 509Status of Non-Exempt Employee While Traveling (FLSA)5.12
    Section 510Use of Technology Resources and Social Media5.12
    Section 511Dress Code5.16
    Section 512Driver's License5.20
    Section 513Credentials5.21
    Section 514Use of Personal Cell Phone and Mobile Devices5.21
  • Article 6 - Holiday & Leave

    Holiday & Leave

    Section 601Paid Holidays Observed6.1
    Section 602Effect of Holidays on Other Types of Paid Leave6.1
    Section 603Holidays - When Work is Required6.2
    Section 604Adverse Weather Conditions6.2
    Section 605Annual Leave6.2
    Section 606Sick Leave6.4
    Section 607Leave Without Pay6.5
    Section 608Shared Leave6.6
    Section 609Military Leave6.9
    Section 610Court Leave6.10
    Section 611Educational Leave with Pay6.10
    Section 612Family Medical Leave6.10
    Section 613Leave for Parent Involvement in School6.15
    Section 614Employee Service on Boards and Commissions6.15
  • Article 7 - Employee Benefits

    Employee Benefits

    Section 701Insurance Benefits7.1
    Section 702Unemployment Compensation7.2 
    Section 703Old Age and Survivor's Insurance (Social Security)7.2
    Section 704Retirement Benefits7.3
    Section 705Death Benefit7.3
    Section 706Benevolence Benefit7.3
    Section 707Law Enforcement Officers' Separation Allowance7.3
    Section 708Supplemental Retirement Income Plan for Law Enforcement Officers7.4
    Section 709Benefits - Other (Fixed)7.4
    Section 710Benefits - Other (Flexible)7.5
  • Article 8 - Substance Abuse Policy and Procedures

    Substance Abuse Policy and Procedures

    Section 801Purpose and Scope of Policy8.1
    Section 802Definitions8.1 
    Section 803Pre-employment Testing8.1
    Section 804Testing of Employees8.2
    Section 805Procedures8.2
    Section 806Convictions of Criminal Drug Statutes8.5
  • Article 9 - Separation, Disciplinary Action, and Reinstatement

    Separation, Disciplinary Action, and Reinstatement

    Section 901Types of Separation9.1
    Section 902Resignation9.1
    Section 903Voluntary Resignation Without Notice9.1
    Section 904Separation Due to Administrative Termination9.2
    Section 905Retirement9.2
    Section 906Reduction-In-Force9.2
    Section 907Disability9.3
    Section 908Death9.3
    Section 909Just Cause for Disciplinary Action9.3
    Section 910Definitions Applicable to Disciplinary Action9.4
    Section 911Steps in Disciplinary Procedure9.6
    Section 912Employee Grievance9.13
    Section 913Inactivation of Warnings9.13
    Section 914Re-employment9.14
    Section 915Reinstatement From Military Leave9.14
  • Article 10 - Problem Resolution and Grievance Procedures

    Problem Resolution and Grievance Procedures

    Section 1001Problem Resolution Procedures for Issues Not Subject to Formal Appeal10.1
    Section 1002Purpose of Grievance Procedure10.2
    Section 1003Coverage For Grievance Procedure10.2
    Section 1004Grievance Policy10.2
    Section 1005Grievance Procedure10.2
    Section 1006Late Filing of Grievances10.3
    Section 1007Maintenance of Records10.3
    Section 1008Other Remedies Preserved10.3
  • Article 11 - Personnel Records

    Personnel Records

    Section 1101Personnel Records Maintenance11.1
    Section 1102Information Open to the Public11.1
    Section 1103Access to Personnel Records11.2
    Section 1104Confidential Information11.2
    Section 1105Remedies of Employees Objecting to Material in File11.4
    Section 1106Penalty for Permitting Access to Confidential File by Unauthorized Person11.4
    Section 1107Destruction of Records11.4