Evacuation & Re-Entry


Any evacuation ordered by Currituck County is a mandatory evacuation.

The decision to evacuate all or a portion of the County takes the following into consideration:

  • Flood risk
  • Storm surge risk
  • Event timing
  • Coordination with neighboring jurisdictions
  • Potential for areas of the county to become isolated
  • Accommodations for individuals for disabilities or access and functional needs, limited or no proficiency in English, and/or those with household pets

Emergency Management will provide evacuation assistance for citizens who do not have transportation out of the area.

Primary Severe Weather Evacuation Routes for Currituck County maps will help guide you during your evacuation.

Elements of Evacuation (pdf)

Re-Entry Permits

Following an evacuation, Currituck County conducts re-entry as the impacted areas are deemed safe.  Re-entry permits or proof of residency is required.

Re-entry decisions will be issued from the County Emergency Operations Center.  Examples of factors taken into consideration when making re-entry decisions include utility outages, road conditions, flooding, and communications outages.

Resident/Property Owner Permits

Re-entry permits are mailed to Currituck Outer Banks residents and non-resident property owners every 2 years.  One permit is issued per property address based on County tax records.  Current permits are valid for the 2018-2019 seasons.

Re-entry permits are not issued 72 hours prior to a projected landfall of a tropical system or hurricane.  If you have misplaced your permit, proof of residency or ownership such as a driver’s license with Corolla address, tax record, or utility bill will allow you access to your property.

Business Permits

Business re-entry permits are issued by the Emergency Management Office.  Re-entry permits are not issued 72 hours prior to a projected landfall of a tropical system or hurricane.

Priority I Critical Needs Passes, are issued for essential utilities and damage assessment personnel.

Priority II Re-Entry Permits are issued to critical businesses such as:

  • banking institutions,
  • fuel stations,
  • building suppliers,
  • property managers,
  • and building repair and construction contractors.