Water & Sewer

Special Notice Concerning County Utility Billing

Customers of the Currituck County Water Department are strongly encouraged to establish a payment plan if they fall behind on utility bill payments.  Signing up for a payment plan with the Water Department will help prevent the disconnection of water and sewer service.

Beginning November 4, 2020, the Water Department will start hanging warning notices on the front doorknobs at properties that are behind on water payments and facing a disconnection of service. These warning notices will inform the resident that they have ONE WEEK until their water service is turned off.

To prevent a disconnection, the water customer must do one of the following before the one week warning period expires:

    • Pay their utility bill in full; or
    • Contact the Water Department at 252-232-2769 and set up a payment plan.

Currituck County is required to collect payment for its water and sewer service and cannot waive missed payments for customers. However, the county will work with citizens on establishing fair payment plans in order to prevent service cutoffs.

Earlier this year, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper ordered that utility customers who missed payments could not have their service interrupted because many families and individuals in North Carolina suffered financial hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, these executive orders are no longer in effect.

North Carolina has established a fund to provide financial assistance to eligible citizens for their utility bills and rent payments. The HOPE Program (Housing Opportunities and Prevention of Evictions) is accepting applications from state residents:

The HOPE Program can provide up to 6 months of past due utility payments.

If you have any questions regarding your billing or setting up a payment plan, contact the Currituck County Water Department at 252-232-2769

The Currituck County Water Department is dedicated to providing you, the customer, with a safe, high quality and reliable water supply that meets or exceeds all federal and state drinking water requirements.

Our goal is to produce and distribute our product in the most efficient way, while maintaining sufficient pressure for our customers and fire protection needs. We are committed to providing professional and courteous services to satisfy the needs of our customers while maintaining our commitment to quality, excellence and support.

The Water Department services over 9,900 active accounts and employs 22 people, including 19 production/distribution employees and 4 administrative employees.

The water system is self-supporting and uses no tax dollars in its operating funds.

Pay Your Water & Sewer Bill Online

Currituck County Water Department is pleased to offer online payments through Citizens Self Service online services. Customers may now pay their water and sewer bills with Visa or MasterCard online at their convenience. There is no additional charge for this service.

Electronic Funds Transfer

With Election Funds Transfer (EFT) service, your water or sewer bill payment is deducted from your checking account on the due date printed on your bill. Fill out the Electronic Fund Transfer Enrollment Form.