Daily Inspections Schedule

Phase III

Public access to County offices will remain on an appointment only basis. The Permit Offices will have a drop box located at the door for customers to drop off permit applications only on the following days:

  • Mainland Central Permitting Office – Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Corolla Central Permitting Office – Wednesdays

If you need to meet with a Community Development staff member we ask that you schedule an appointment.  

The Inspection Division will post the Daily Inspections Schedule each day by 6:00 p.m.


Thursday, January 21, 2021

  • Mainland and Knotts Island Daily Inspections Schedule

    If your scheduled inspection does not appear on the list below, please call the Inspections Division at 252-232-3378.

    201900286375 SHORTCUT RDPLUMBING ROUGH IN8:30-10:30Jason Corbell
    202001711174 BAXTER ESTATES RDFINAL/CERTIF OF COMPLIANCE9:00-11:00Jason Corbell
    202002222108 SLIGO WAYFINAL/CERTIF OF COMPLIANCE10:00-12:00Jason Corbell
    202002410276 S INDIANTOWN RDINSULATION1:00-3:00Jason Corbell
    202002445109 E CANVASBACK DRFINAL/CERTIF OF COMPLIANCE9:00-11:00Jason Corbell
    202001698141 BELLS ISLAND RDFOOTING INSPECTION9:00-11:00Jason Corbell
    202003166554 EAST RIDGE RDFOOTING INSPECTION9:30-11:30Jason Corbell
    202003167729 EAST RIDGE RDFOOTING INSPECTION9:30-11:30Jason Corbell
    202003277196 S CURRITUCK RDFINAL/CERTIF OF COMPLIANCE8:30-10:30Jason Corbell
    201901683338 N GREGORY RDFOOTING INSPECTION9:30-11:30Jason Corbell
    202003030117 TYLER WAYFOUNDATION INSPECTION10:00-12:00Jason Corbell
    2020014838717 CARATOKE HWYFINAL ELECTRICAL INSPECTION8:00-10:00Rick Godsey
    202003318163 CHARLESTON DRFOUNDATION INSPECTION8:00-10:00Rick Godsey
    2019025516032A CARATOKE HWY AINSULATION REINSPECTION8:00-10:00Rick Godsey
    202002027129 MOORLAND WAYFINAL/CERTIF OF COMPLIANCE9:30-11:30Ron Schaecher
    202002056101 ASHBEE CTROUGH IN9:00-11:00Ron Schaecher
    202002056101 ASHBEE CTGAS TEST9:00-11:00Ron Schaecher
    202002343109 GANDER DRROUGH IN9:30-11:30Ron Schaecher
    202002343109 GANDER DRGAS TEST9:30-11:30Ron Schaecher
    202002813126 GANDER DRFRAMING INSPECTION9:30-11:30Ron Schaecher
    202100076207 THAYNE WAYFOOTING INSPECTION9:00-11:00Ron Schaecher
    202100169111 UNIVERSAL CIRFINAL ELECTRICAL INSPECTION10:00-12:00Ron Schaecher
    202100169111 UNIVERSAL CIRFINAL/CERTIF OF COMPLIANCE10:00-12:00Ron Schaecher
    201900793139 KNOTTS ISLAND RDGAS TEST11:00-1:00Ron Schaecher
    202002019222 WATERLEIGH WAYPLUMBING ROUGH IN9:30-11:30Ron Schaecher
    202003239111 DAVID DRELECTRICAL ROUGH IN10:00-12:00Ron Schaecher
    202003239111 DAVID DRFINAL/CERTIF OF COMPLIANCE10:00-12:00Ron Schaecher
    202002243104 FOXGLOVE DRINSULATION8:30-10:30Sean Strydom
    202002249108 FOXGLOVE DRROUGH IN8:30-10:30Sean Strydom
    202001841139 HOMESTEAD LNFOUNDATION INSPECTION9:00-11:00Sean Strydom
    202002118105 FOXGLOVE DRINSULATION REINSPECTION8:30-10:30Sean Strydom
    202002803108 GLENMOOR PATHROUGH IN REINSPECTION10:00-12:00Sean Strydom
    202002801110 GLENMOOR PATHROUGH IN REINSPECTION10:00-12:00Sean Strydom
    202002803108 GLENMOOR PATHGAS TEST REINSPECTION10:00-12:00Sean Strydom
    202002599104 GLENMOOR PATHFOUNDATION INSPECTION10:00-12:00Sean Strydom
    202002249108 FOXGLOVE DRFRAMING INSPECTION8:30-10:30Sean Strydom
    202002824252 REGENCY CIRFINAL/CERTIF OF COMPLIANCE9:00-11:00Sean Strydom
    202002629315 SURF SCOTER LOOPFOOTING REINSPECTION11:00-1:00Sean Strydom
    202003283103 AVOCET PATHFOUNDATION INSPECTION10:00-12:00Sean Strydom
    202002683111 FOXGLOVE DRINSULATION REINSPECTION8:30-10:30Sean Strydom
  • Corolla and Carova Daily Inspections Schedule

    If your scheduled inspection does not appear on the list below, please call the Inspections Division at 252-453-8555.

    2020006851004 CRUZ BAY LNINSULATION11:00-1:00Jim Berge
    2020013251042 LIGHTHOUSE DRHVAC FINAL INSPECTION8:30-10:30Jim Berge
    202002304876 SEA RIDGE DRINSULATION11:00-1:00Jim Berge
    202002616508 MAGNOLIA WAYELECTRICAL ROUGH IN11:00-1:00Jim Berge
    202002930376 DEEP NECK RDHVAC FINAL INSPECTION8:00-10:00Jim Berge
    202002904711 MAINSAIL ARCHFRAMING INSPECTION11:00-1:00Jim Berge
    202003000966 N HARBOR VWELECTRICAL ROUGH IN11:00-1:00Jim Berge
    2020030921124 SCHOOLHOUSE LNHVAC FINAL INSPECTION1:00-3:00Jim Berge
    202003144843 LIGHTHOUSE DRHVAC FINAL INSPECTION8:15-10:15Jim Berge
    2020032221284 LOST LAKE LNFOUNDATION INSPECTION9:30-11:30Jim Berge
    2020032691025 LIGHTHOUSE DRFINAL/CERTIF OF COMPLIANCE10:00-12:00Jim Berge
    202100051880 LIGHTHOUSE DRHVAC FINAL INSPECTION8:30-10:30Jim Berge
    202002950915 WHALEHEAD DRINSULATION REINSPECTION10:00-12:00Jim Berge
    2020032931169 FRANKLYN STINSULATION10:0012:00Jim Berge
    202001940950 SUN BURST CTHVAC FINAL REINSP9:00-11:00Jim Berge
Electronic Submittals

The Central Permit Offices has the ability to accept electronic documents to a central location that will be checked daily. In some cases, staff may require more information. Please remember the maximum attachment file size we can accept is 10MB.

If you would like to submit documents electronically please use one of the following links below:

Mainland Office                                                             Satellite Office

Citizen Self Service

Citizen Self Service is now open to allow the user to access their building permits online and to apply for specific building permits, view inspection results and pay for fees with a credit card.

To access the Citizen Self Service program a username and password is required. If you would like to self register for an account please visit  Currituck County Citizen Self Service online program.

Once you have created your account you will be able to search and view building permits however to use the system for applying for building permits your account needs to be linked by our staff with a Customer ID (CID). You will see a notice when you try to apply for a permit “Contact Us” we will need the following information:

  • User Name
  • First and Last name
  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Phone number

We will set up your account and notify you so you may use the system fully.

For help with the Citizens Self Service program take a moment to review our User Guide.

Informal Internal Review

Per G.S. 160A-412 and G.S. 153A-352, each inspection department shall implement a process for an Informal Internal Review of inspection decisions made by the deparment’s inspectors. The Internal Review Form for requesting an Informal Internal Review is available in our inspection office or online.

For more information on the internal review process, please call our main number at 252-232-3378.