Currituck Alert

Currituck County has an additional tool to improve communications with the public during emergency events. Our Currituck Alert system is capable of sending mass community alerts through a variety of mechanisms, including:

  • cell phones
  • landlines
  • email
  • and text messages.
Community Alerts

Community alerts are standard notifications that citizens choose to receive. There are 4 types of community alerts available to Currituck citizens. You may choose to receive any or all of the four types of the alerts.

  1. Law Alert:  A notification from the Currituck County Sheriff’s Office.
  2. Parks and Recreation Alert:   A notification from the Currituck County Parks and Recreation Department. Examples of notifications may include event cancellations, postponements, or registration drives.
  3. Public Meetings Alert:    A notification from Currituck County regarding meetings that are open for public attendance. Examples of notifications may include a Board of Commissioner’s or Planning Board meeting.
  4. Community Events Alert:   A notification from Currituck County regarding community events. Examples of notifications may include parades, Independence Day Celebration, or festivals.

Currituck County is using Currituck Alert, for a quick convent way to alert citizens and businesses about any types of hazardous conditions that may impact the public, such as:

  • severe weather
  • evacuation orders
  • flooding
  • and wildfires.

It may also be used during non-emergency times to notify residents of important public meetings and community events.

Citizens listed in the 9-1-1 database of landlines will be automatically subscribed to this free service, entitled “Currituck Alert.” or sign up on the our website to self-register additional contact points, such as a cellphone.

Individuals who need assistance with registering can call Emergency Management at 252-232-2115.

Currituck Alert ensures the county will be able to react quickly and efficiently in the case of an emergency and is a critical component of the emergency response system.