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The wild horses have been an integral part of the history and tradition of the Currituck Outer Banks from the time of the earliest visits and settlements by Europeans. It is not known exactly when or how these horses came to the Currituck Outer Banks, but there is some evidence that they may be descended from the Spanish horses brought by explorers 500 years ago.

With development of the Outer Banks came the need to protect and manage the wild horses; therefore, in 1989, the County adopted the Wild Horse Ordinance. In subsequent years, the Currituck Outer Banks Wild Horse Management Plan was adopted and the Wild Horse Advisory Board was established to administer this Plan. The Management Plan is updated approximately every five years.
The four stakeholders in the Wild Horse Management Plan are:

» Corolla Wild Horse Fund
» Currituck County, NC
» National Estuarine Research Reserve (Division of Coastal Management, Department of Environment and Natural Resources)
» and Currituck National Wildlife Refuge (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of Interior)

Representatives of each of these organizations comprise the Wild Horse Advisory Board. This Board meets at least quarterly in various locations to hear reports and make recommendations regarding the management of the Corolla Wild Horse herd, one of Currituck County's historic and cultural treasures.

Contact Currituck County Manager's Office for meeting information prior to 2008.