Unified Development Ordinance

The purpose of the Unified Development Ordinance is to protect the

  • public health,
  • safety,
  • and general welfare

of the citizens and landowners of Currituck County; and to implement the policies and objectives of county-adopted plans addressing the county’s growth and development.

Currituck County current Unified Development Ordinance was adopted on January 1, 2013 and amended on September 26, 2016.

Unified Development Ordinance Text Amendments

The following ordinances have recently been adopted by the Board of Commissioners but have not yet been incorporated into the published Unified Development Ordinance.

  • PB 17-04 Currituck County:  Amendment to the UDO to modify and correct Chapter 2: Administration, Chapter 4: Use Standards, Chapter 5: Development Standards, Chapter 7: Environmental Protection, Chapter 6: Enforcement, and Chapter 10: Definitions and Measurements.
    Adopted: July 17, 2017
  • PB 17-02 Currituck County:  Amendment to the UDO, Chapter 5 to revise the signage ordinance to be in compliance with Reed v. Town of Gilbert, Arizona. and Chapter 10 to provide consistency between the signage standards and the relevant definitions.
    Adopted: May 15, 2017
  • PB 16-28 Currituck County: Amendment to the UDO, Chapter 4 to remove solar array as an allowable use.
    Adopted: February 20, 2017
  • PB 16-20 Paragon Beverage Company: Amendment to the UDO, Chapter 4 to allow artisan food and beverage producers, distillery, large brewery, and winery in the Summary Use Table.
    Adopted: November 7, 2016
  • PB 16-16 E.T. Hyman: Amendment to the UDO, Chapter 4 to allow aggregate storage and processing as an accessory use in the Agriculture zoning district.
    Adopted: November 7, 2016
Administrative Manual

The administrative manual is intended to assist in the administration of the Unified Development Ordinance.  The manual consolidates information in the development review process and helps applicants understand the procedures and requirements.  In an effort to ease the review process, the manual also includes:

  • application forms,
  • review checklists,
  • and submittal and fee schedules.

Stormwater Manual

The stormwater manual is intended to provide guidance in appropriate BMP selection, design criteria to meet stormwater regulations, and proper BMP maintenance.  The manual also includes:

  • required forms,
  • submittal checklists for stormwater plans,
  • and guidance for determining runoff rates.

*Note: the items under the Design Checklists is in Excel.

SW-001 Minor Plan (2)
SW-002 Major Plan (1)
SW-003 Rational Method
SW-004 NRCS Method
<strong>Design Checklist</strong>
Bioretention Cells
Inspections Checklist
Bioretention Cells