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Rate and Fee Schedule - Walnut Island Sanitary District

Rate and Fee Schedule Effective October 21, 2011
Sewer Rates
Base rate: $30.00/month
  up to 2,000 gallons No additional charge 
  up to 5,000 gallons $ 9.00 per 1000 gallon
  up to 10,000 gallons $ 11.00 per 1000 gallon
  up to 15,000 gallons $ 13.00 per 1000 gallon
  up to 20,000 gallons $ 15.00 per 1000 gallon
  over 20,000 gallons $ 17.00 per 1000 gallon
Total water charge based on rate block for total consumption.
Ex: If 25,000 gallons used, cost is $17.00/1000 for all gallons used.
Commercial master meter accounts charged at the above rates per unit served. Hotels and motels: Four rooms equal one commercial master meter billing unit.
 Hook-on Fee


Renter deposit


High-risk deposit (owner or renter)




* or three months' billing of previous usage, whichever is greater
Charges and Other Fees
Open/reopen/transfer account $25.00
Reconnection fee (after cutoff for nonpayment)  
  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m 50.00
Returned check fee 25.00
Meter tampering fee 75.00
Turn on/off fee, per occurrence
  Normal working hours 25.00
  After normal working hours N/A
Pipe pressure/leakage test 150.00
Pipe pressure/leakage retest 150.00
Parts and Labor
All replacement parts charged at cost plus 20%.
Labor charges: $60.00 per man per hour
Ditch Witch: $125.00 per hour
Backhoe: $125.00 per hour
Repairs requiring contracted labor charged at invoice plus 20%.