Corolla Fire Protection Service District Public Hearing

On Monday, May 21, 2018 at  6:00 p.m. during the Currituck County Board of Commissioners meeting a public hearing in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room, Historic Currituck Courthouse, 153 Courthouse Road, Currituck, North Carolina will be held to receive public comments on the proposed creation of the Corolla Fire Protection Service District.

A  Report on the Creation of the Corolla Fire Protection Service District per N.C. Gen. Stat. §153A-301(a) was completed on April 23, 2018 identifying:

  • the need for the service district;
  • resident population and population density;
  • appraisal value of property subject to taxation;
  • plans for providing services;
  • and a map outlining the proposed service district.

Following an extensive internal study completed by the Corolla Fire and Rescue (CFR) in August 2016, it was determined that CFR could no longer provide adequate fire services to the Corolla community with only a volunteer force.  CFR requested the county consider establishing a paid fire service district and CFR surveyed Corolla property owners on their willingness to pay a tax to fund the fire service district. Approximately 1,500 responded by postcard or online, with 94% approving the district’s creation.

It was determined by the county that up to 19 new personnel would need to be hired to provide a full-time staff of at least 4 personnel per station.  The proposed tax estimate is .05/$100.

The creation of the fire service district does not eliminate the need for volunteers.  This combined fire fighting force will have paid firefighters making initial responses with volunteering responding in support to provide additional manpower and assets. All paid firefighters will also be qualified in emergency medical services. Likewise, all EMS personnel assigned to Corolla will be firefighter qualified.

Since May 12, 2018, Currituck County has maintained a staff of 6 paid firefighters on duty in Corolla. The maximum number of paid firefighters on duty will be 8.  This will ensure a timely response to all fire emergencies and greatly increase public safety.

For further information, expression of opinions and concerns, please contact Leeann Walton in the Manager’s Office by:

  • Phone
  • In Person
    153 Courthouse Road, Suite 204
    Currituck, North Carolina 27929
  • Email
    Leeann Walton

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