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K-9 Units Complete Training for Service in Currituck

Currituck County's three newest K-9 dogs and their handlers recently completed training and are now in service for the Currituck County Sheriff's Office. The three new dogs - Lola, Korado, and Hunter - were trained by East Coast Canine and certified by the United States Police Canine Association.

Lola, a German Shepherd, works with Deputy J. Rein. Lola is certified in narcotics detection, obedience, article searches, tracking, and suspect apprehension. Korado, a German Shepherd, is paired with Deputy N. Smith. Korado is also certified in narcotics detection, obedience, article search, tracking, and suspect apprehension.

The third new K-9, Hunter, is a Yellow Lab who works with Deputy W. Alcock. Hunter is certified in narcotics detection.

These three join a veteran patrol dog, Kiddo, who has served the Sheriff's Office for 8 years and will be retiring soon.  Kiddo, a Belgian Malinois, works with Deputy J. Evans and is certified in explosives detection, article searching, and tracking.

A fifth K-9, Robin, was donated by Academi, in Moyock, and will complete certification training soon. Robin is a Belgian Malinois trained for explosives detection, obedience, article searches, and tracking. Robin works with Deputy M. Chappell, who has graduated from East Coast Canines as a K-9 Instructor.

These five K-9 units provide a great service to the Currituck Sheriff's Office and citizens of Currituck County.  For more information on K-9 units, contact the Sheriff's Office at 252-453-8204. 

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Photo, L-R:  Deputy J. Evans and Kiddo; Deputy J. Rein and Lola; Deputy W. Alcock and Hunter; Deputy M. Chappell and Robin; and Deputy N. Smith and Korado.