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Operation Santa a success in Currituck County

Donations secured by the 2014 Operation Santa Claus helped more than 500 children in Currituck County enjoy Christmas. Directed by the Department of Social Services (DSS), Operation Santa helped provide gifts for 31 foster children and 489 community children from 241 local families.

Support for Operation Santa included 31 sponsors who provided gifts to the families of community children. Also, financial contributions were made to Operation Santa from 44 additional supporters in the form of gift cards and cash.

Currituck County and the staff at Department of Social Servicesthank everyone who helped make Operation Santa a success. Contributors included Currituck County employees, the Currituck Sheriff's Office, Currituck County school employees, Toys for Tots, local businesses, civic groups and churches.

For more information on the Department of Social Services, and additional Department of Social Services programs that need the community's support, contact the staff at 252-232-3083.