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Meeting Information: 

Currituck County hosted a public meeting regarding a potential stormwater district for the Moyock area on March 24, 2015. County staff compiled minutes of this meeting, so the public can review complete meeting information .

FAQ: Stormwater Districts

Currituck County staff prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding stormwater districts. For further information, contact the Currituck Planning and Community Development Department at (252) 232-3055.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the purpose of a Stormwater District?
A. The purpose is to provide a funding mechanism for the maintenance and improvements of the major drainage ways in the Stormwater District. The Stormwater District establishes a separate stormwater tax which provides the funds for those improvements.

Q. What area would the Stormwater Service District cover?
A. Moyock Township excluding Gibbs Woods. Basically, Moyock Township is the area north of Tulls Creek and the Beechwood Shores subdivision.

Q. Who maintains these major drainage ways (ditches) now?
A. Historically, the farmers and landowners have maintained these ditches. The NC Dept. of Transportation (NCDOT) maintains the roadside ditches that are located in a DOT right of way.

Q. Why can't Currituck County keep these ditches clean?
A. Current county taxes do not take care of drainage. Counties do have the authority to create service districts which allow taxes to be collected in a specific area for stormwater improvements.

Q. What happens to the current Stormwater Districts in the Moyock area?
A. Currituck County currently has three Stormwater Districts which are taxed for drainage improvements in the Moyock Township. It is anticipated that the existing Stormwater Districts will be discontinued and taken care of by the new Stormwater District.

Q. Will the Stormwater District maintain stormwater systems in subdivisions?
A. The State of North Carolina requires subdivisions built after 1993 to build and maintain their own stormwater systems. Older subdivisions may also have internal ditches. The intent is not to take care of ditches located within subdivisions but to improve and maintain major drainage ways leading away from the subdivisions.

Q. Why is Currituck County studying the feasibility of creating a Stormwater District for the Moyock Township (excluding Gibbs Woods)?
A. By far, Moyock has the most drainage complaints in the county. The flat topography, clay soil types, and inadequate ditch sizes for large rainfall events do not allow adequate stormwater infiltration and runoff, thus making a runoff and outlet infrastructure system even more important. A Stormwater District provides a comprehensive means for this drainage outlet infrastructure to be maintained and improved. Additionally, the Moyock Small Area Plan identifies a stormwater district feasibility study as an action item.

Q. What would the tax rate have to be for stormwater improvements in the Moyock Township?
A. The county has preliminarily calculated that the stormwater tax rate would need be somewhere between one and eight cent per one hundred dollars of property value, depending on the amount of maintenance and improvements made.

Q. What does this mean to me as a typical homeowner?
A. For a typical house and lot valued at $250,000, a one cent tax would cost $25.00 per year. That is ($250,000/$100) x 1¢ = $25.00. For an eight cent tax, the cost on the same house and lot would be $200.00 per year.

Q. Who decides which ditches get cleaned?
A. The county will prioritize maintenance and improvements with input from the citizens through a Stormwater Advisory Committee set up by the Currituck County Board of Commissioners.