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Public input important to Land Use Plan update

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Currituck County is beginning the process of updating the Land Use Plan (LUP). The current plan was adopted in 2006 and represents the county's goals for development. It is a planning document that guides most of the Board of Commissioner's decisions regarding development. A land use plan is an important decision-making tool for the local community.

Public participation is an important aspect of a successful plan. The Board of Commissioners intends to appoint a citizen steering committee to help guide the planning process. This committee will develop a public participation plan that will provide all segments of the community opportunities to be involved in the planning process.

Currituck County is now accepting applications from volunteers who are interested in participating as members of a steering committee.

Participating on the Land Use Plan Steering Committee is a major time commitment. The planning process is expected to run about 18 to 24 months. It is anticipated the committee will hold monthly meetings, which will include preparation and review time outside of the regularly scheduled meeting. It is also typical to hold special town hall or public engagement meetings. And as a spokesperson for the planning process, committee members may want to allow time for appearances at civic club meetings, neighborhood meetings, or other unanticipated events during the course of the plan's preparation.

If you are interested in being a part of this important effort, please complete the Steering Committee Member Application and return it to the Planning and Community Development Department. If you have questions, please call the Planning Dept. at (252) 232-3055.