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Mainland Water Rate and Fee Schedule

Water Consumption Charges

Water Consumption Charges Effective July 1, 2011
Consumption/Month (in gallons)* Residential Commercial**
0 - 2000 Base Rate ($20.00) Base Rate ($20.00)
Up to 5,000 $4.50/1,000 gallons $4.50/1,000 gallons
Up to 10,000 $5.50/1,000 gallons $5.50/1,000 gallons
Up to 15,000 $6.50/1,000 gallons $6.50/1,000 gallons
Up to 20,000 $7.50/1,000 gallons $7.50/1,000 gallons
All over 20,000 $8.50/1,000 gallons $8.50/1,000 gallons
* Consumption over 2,000 gallons is billed retroactive to the first gallon used.
**Commercial master meter accounts are charged at the above rates per unit served. Hotels and motels: Four rooms equal one commercial master meter billing unit.

» Local Government/Board of Education -  same as commercial rates.

» Fire Service (sprinkler systems) -  same as commercial rates.

Impact Fees

Impact Fees* Effective July 1,2016
Meter Size
Impact Fee
3/4 inch
1 inch
2 inch
3 inch
4 inch
6 inch
6 inch fire service
1 inch for centers of worship $3,000  
3/4 inch irrigation meter $1,000
1 irrigation meter $1,300  
* All installation costs for labor, materials and equipment shall be paid by the owner, developer or purchaser, except for centers of worship, where the impact fee includes labor, materials and equipment. Additional fees for centers of worship will only be charged for larger size meters, labor, materials and equipment above 1 inch.

Renter deposit
High-risk deposit (owner or renter)
Fire hydrant meter deposit $2,500
* or three months' billing of previous usage, whichever is greater.

Open/Reopen/transfer account $25
Special request meter reading
Reread meter-our reading correct
Reread meter-our reading incorrect
Reconnection fee (after cutoff for nonpayment)
$50; 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Returned check fee
Meter tampering fee
Turn on/off fee, per occurrence, normal working hours
Meter testing fee, if meter accurate
Meter testing fee, if more than 2.5% inaccurate
Pipe pressure/leakage test
Pipe pressure/leakage retest
Fire hydrant meter setup fee
Meter accessibility charge
Bacteriological tests
Chloride tests


Parts, Labor and Equipment

Yoke Actual cost plus 20%
Retro Actual cost plus 20%
Meter Actual cost plus 20%
Lock Actual cost plus 20%
Meter Box
Actual cost plus 20%
Lid only
Actual cost plus 20%
Yoke valve with meter nut
Actual cost plus 20%
Check valve
Actual cost plus 20%
Union half with nut
Actual cost plus 20%
3" riser
Acutal cost plus 20%
6" riser Actual cost plus 20%
ERT for Radio Read Meter
Actual cost plus 20%
Road Bore per foot
Actual cost plus 20%
Labor per man per hour
Ditch Witch per hour
Backhoe per hour

Due to frequent market fluctuation, parts charges are proposed to be calculated based on actual cost at time of use.