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Employee Cigna 2017-2018 Dental Plan

The 2017-2018 Vision Plan becomes effective Saturday, July 1, 2017.

The chart is only a brief summary. Please see the Summary of Benefits for the Cigna Dental Plan for a thorough description of its benefits, limitations, exclusions and conditions of coverage.

Benefit Plan Features

Cigna Traditional

Exam Copay


Exam Allowance
(once per frequency period)

Covered 100% after copay

Up to $45

Material Copay



Eyeglass Lenses Allowances:
one pair per frequency period)
      Single Vision Lenses

Covered 100% after Copay 

 Up to $32

      Lined Bifocal

Covered 100% after Copay 

Up to $55

      Lined Trifocal 

Covered 100% after Copay 

 Up to $65


Covered 100% after Copay 

 Up to $80

Contact Lenses Allowance:
(one pair or single purchase per frequency period)


 Up to $110

Up to $98


Covered 100%

Up to $210

Frame  Retail Allowance
(one per frequency period)

Up to $120 

Up to $66

** Your Frequency Period begins on the 1st of your plan renewal month, July 1, 2017.