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What To Do After A Hurricane


If an evacuation has occurred, Currituck County residents and property owners must follow the Re-Entry Guidelines for arriving back in the county. The re-entry process is divided into priority groups and is monitored by law enforcement checkpoints.

During the enforced Re-Entry process, re-entry permits will be required to enter the Currituck Outer Banks areas of Corolla and Carova Beach, along with proof of residency. If you do not have a re-entry permit, you may use a current driver's license or tax bill that shows your address being in Corolla or Carova Beach.
Residents of the Currituck mainland, Knotts Island, and Gibbs Woods will only need a driver's license or tax bill with an appropriate address in the county.
*To request a re-entry permit, contact Emergency Management at (252) 232-2115 or email Mary Beth Newns, EM Director, at  

The Re-Entry will proceed according to the following priority groups:

  • Priority One - This includes essential personnel for law enforcement, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Services, utilities and damage assessment teams.
  • Priority Two - Residents and critical businesses, such as banks, building supply, drug stores, food service, gas stations, property managers and contractors.
  • Priority Three - Non-resident staff of non-critical business, non-resident property owners.
  • Priority Four - Visitors and general public.
Re-entry permits for residents and business owners are available from Currituck Emergency Management. To obtain your re-entry permits, contact EM at 252-232-2115.

Post-Storm Shelters 

If necessary, Currituck County will establish Post-Storm Shelters for residents in need, whose homes may have been severely damaged by the hurricane. These shelters will be manned and operated by county staff, with assistance from the Red Cross.

Once post-storm shelters are open, the locations will be publicized on and local media sources. Residents who wish to utilize the shelter and may require special medical needs or transportation assistance should file this information NOW with the county's Dept. of Social Services, at 252-232-3083.

Safety Tips

In addition, Currituck Emergency Management has compiled a list of safety tips for post-storm activity. Please review this information to help ensure the safety of your family and property.