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Apply Outside the District

Applying for service: Properties not within the District


MARCH 2003

The Newtown sewer system was installed in the early 1990’s to serve those homes located within the District. The system was neither designed nor intended to serve those located outside of the District, and its installation was not intended to prevent the consideration and use of all possible on-site treatment systems. However, one business whose sewer system failed was allowed to connect to the District’s sewer system. There were no other viable alternatives, and this prevented the loss of a very important service to many residents of Currituck County.

The District does have some additional capacity at the present time. Some of this capacity must be reserved to provide service for areas within the district that are not presently served. In addition, the District must also consider that the more demand that is placed on any sewer system, the sooner it will fail and require expensive repairs.

The following protocol is established for consideration of a possible connection to the Newtown sewer system:

  1. The Health Department must determine that no known on-site sewage system will provide acceptable treatment. Such determination will be presented in writing to the District and to the applicant.
  2. A North Carolina licensed professional engineer shall be consulted and will provide his/her determination that no suitable on-site wastewater treatment is available. Such determination will be presented in writing to the District and to the applicant.
  3. The applicant shall provide copies of the Health Department and engineer reports along with the request for consideration to connect to the Newtown sewer system. Any documentation that shows benefits to the County and its residents will be considered at that time.

Should the connection be approved, the applicant shall:

  1. Execute an agreement with the District and pay all required fees;
  2. Have a North Carolina licensed engineer design the proposed system and provide plans and specifications for review and approval by the Currituck County Health Department and the Newtown Sewer District;
  3. Obtain all necessary easements and encroachments;
  4. Have a licensed utility contractor install the sewer system and force main in accordance with the approved plans and specifications;
  5. Obtain the engineers certification that the system was installed in accordance with the plans and specifications, and
  6. Arrange for the Health Department and District inspections of the system for acceptance.