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Farmland Preservation

Farmland Preservation

Harvester.Currituck County adopted the Farmland Preservation Ordinance in 2001. Funding for the program began in 2003; Since then, the county has set aside $400,000 in funding to use for preservation purposes.

The amount of farmland in the county has dropped from 52,000 acres in 1969 to about 30,000 acres now.

In order to succeed, the county must apply for State and Federal matching funds. Our county is under extreme development pressure and this is one way to help preserve open space.


Agricultural Advisory Board

An Agricultural Advisory Board oversees applications made to the State & Federal Farmland Preservation Program. Those members are: Harvey Roberts (Chairman)(Shawboro); Jerry Wright (Vice-Chair)(Jarvisburg); Wade Morgan (Shawboro); Sidney Garrett (Moyock); and Martin Jarvis (Moyock).

How it Works

The county purchases the development rights of the farm (perpetual easement). The tract can still be farmed, rented, leased and can still be willed to heirs, but once development rights are sold, there can not be houses put on the property.

An appraisal of the farm determines the value of the property. Development rights equal the difference between the appraised value minus the agricultural value of the farm.

Federal and State Tax Credits are available for individuals who participate in the farmland preservation program.

FP Program Website Information:

For more information, please contact the Currituck Soil and Water Conservation office.