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Animal Control

The Currituck County Animal Control Office handles all aspects of domesticated animal safety and welfare concerns. The office is responsible for protecting the rights of animals in the community to ensure proper care and accommodations are provided.

The Animal Control Officers are committed to enforcing the animal ordinances as mandated by the Currituck County Ordinances and the North Carolina General Statutes.

The officers respond to emergency as well as routine calls for assistance concerning the animals in the County. The Animal Control Officers investigate reports of animal bites and quarantine the animal if necessary. They investigate cruelty and neglect reports as well as enforce the countywide leash law. 

The Currituck Animal Control Office, a division of the Currituck Sheriff’s Office, is located in the quarantine building. The office, however, is not regularly manned. Calls for assistance should be routed through Currituck Communications for dispatch.

The Currituck SPCA operates the Animal Shelter, which is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Contact the Currituck SPCA at (252) 453-4440..

What This Department Does

  • Investigate animal bite reports
  • Quarantine animals if necessary
  • ICurrituck County Animal Control cares for dogs.nvestigate animal abuse/ neglect reports
  • Issue citations for animal ordinance violations
  • Enforce animal regulations as mandated by law or ordinance
  • Maintain the quarantine facility for animals in quarantine

What This Department Does Not Do

  • Issue dog tags
  • Handle adoption of pets
  • Process the release of picked up animals
  • Pick up deceased animals off the roadway (N.C. Department of Transportation)
  • Offer medical treatment or advice for animals (contact your veterinarian for services)
  • Capture or Removal of wild or non-domestic animals

Contact Information

Currituck County Animal Control Office - Located near the Maple Airport
407 Maple Rd.
Maple, NC 27956
Phone: 252-453-8682
Email:  Send Gina Maurer an email.